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Introducing xxX2Burn

It's the biggest advance in video download convenience, allowing you to expand your video collection with ease without leaving home. Simply download your xxX2Burn compatible video title and burn using our free xxX2Burn DVD software, we have thousands of titles to choose from, with each full length film coming complete with on-screen menus, scene selections and interactive features, just like you would find on store bought videos. It's the ultimate in convenience and you can get it here at Extreme Erotica!

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xxX2Burn Tips

Did you know that blank DVD discs are not all created equal? When you buy adult DVD videos in the store, you are buying discs that are permanently pressed, not burned. Dependent on the quality of the pressing, this is as good as it gets and the #1 reason why buying the real thing is best if you are a serious collector, ensuring you that you can watch and enjoy your video collection for years to come. Store bought blank DVD discs that you burn use an "organic" silver die process that comes with a price, a shorter life span. With this in mind, we recommend that you avoid buying discount DVD discs. Instead, look for archival quality discs. They cost a little more, but they last a long long time.

How long? We've been using blank DVD discs for years and have noticed a huge gap in longevity, with cheap media lasting as little as a year in worst case scenerios. Among videophiles, the average claimed 10 year life span for blank DVD media is only a guide, and one that often falls short of the truth. Archival quality DVD discs use a different and more expensive die process that has a stable life span that is estimated to last as long as 100 years or more, which means a lifetime of enjoyment that is practically guaranteed even into the next generation or two. You will need to visit a reputable computer shop to get these, as you won't find them in the local grocery store.

Last but not least, choose +R media instead of -R DVD media for best compatibility among DVD players and burners. For general use, we currently recommend the Verbatum brand. Be sure to check back with us at Extreme Erotica for archival brand recommendations and other tips to help you get the most from your adult entertainment dollar.

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